2 Amazing Philippines Hotels in Makati & Cebu

We fly from Makati, Philippines to Cebu in this vlog and stay at Jpark Island Resort and Waterapark which is actually where the Ms. Universe 2017 Swimsuit Competition was held. This is a continuation of Imabelle’s executive tour for a British client where I was the official photographer. We are not showing him on camera to respect his privacy. Here is the beginning of the series
In this vlog, we begin in New World Hotel in Makati and then head to the airport in Manila and board a plane to fly out to Cebu. We get picked up by a van that Imabelle hired which takes us to Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark on Mactan island and I give you a tour of the hotel room. We also head to Ayala Center Cebu for some great hamburgers and the next morning, we show you what breakfast is like at JPark. I then head for a swim in the waterpark and then we end the video with some firedancing.

Ang vlog na ito ay bahagi ng executive tour management project ni Imabelle para sa isang British client kung saan ako ang official photographer. Hindi namin ipinakita sa vlog na ito ang British client bilang paggalang sa kanyang privacy. Mula sa Makati, Philippines, lumipad kami papuntang Cebu. Makikita rin sa vlog na ito ang aming pag-stay sa Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark.
Sa JPark ginanap ang Ms. Universe 2017 Swimsuit Competition.

Ito naman ang simula ng vlog series na ito.

Sa vlog na ito, nagsimula kami sa New World Hotel, Makati, pumunta sa paliparan ng Manila at sumakay ng eroplano papuntang Cebu. Sinundo kami ng van na nirentahan ni Imabelle para sa executive tour management project niya. Ito ang naghatid sa amin sa JPark Island Resort and Waterpark. Makikita rin dito ang hotel room tour ko para sa inyo. Pumunta rin kami sa Ayala Center, Cebu at kumain ng masarap na hamburger. Makikita rin ninyo ang breakfast buffet sa JPark sa sumunod na araw. Pagkatapos ng breakfast, ako ay nag-swimming sa waterpark. Ang vlog na ito ay nagtatapos sa isang napakagandang fire dancing.

Video credits to Travis Kraft YouTube channel

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2 Amazing Philippines Hotels in Makati & Cebu

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  1. This is a continuation of the series I started while Imabelle was busy with a tour. Imabelle gives high-end executive tours and this time, she had a client from Britain. We are not showing him in any videos to respect his privacy but keep in mind, this is actually his vacation, not ours.
    You can see this series from the beginning starting here

    We love making these videos to entertain, inform, and inspire you. Keep in mind though that our life purpose is different from yours and you are blessed to do something different from us. We are glad to present these videos for your enjoyment while you are living your life's purpose.

  2. Travis i go this year at christmas to the Philippines again with my Familie to Visitenkarte my second family.. We Are ging To cebu and Negros. Do you think its dangerous? Because of duterte.. I heard the police shots people without reason.. Pls answer

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