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I am writing in to express my displeasure in regards to your customer service. The incident happened when I booked two returning tickets inclusive of travel insurance from Singapore to Jakarta on the 3rd of June 2017.
A technical glitch occurred on your website during the booking process which an error message was shown when the payment was completed.
I called up your customer service immediately to check whether the payment and the booking was successful. Unfortunately, the customer officer told me that the insurance paid was not captured in their system and therefore not confirmed.
To make matter worse, the officer suggested that I ought to approach AIG insurance to settle the issue on my own!
I am deeply disappointed by the services provided from Jetstar by making customers seek remedies on our own because of Jetstar’s mediocre management.
On the other hand, I also discovered to my disgust that many customers are facing similar issue with Jetstar. Such incident is surely a scam concocted to avoid paying out insurance to passengers should anything happened to the flight!
Jetstar airline has always been my choice so far but this recent encounter reflected badly on your customer service which created unnecessary stress on me and my family.

Jetstar scammed passengers to book flight without insurance! I was scammed into this trick of having his flight ticket booked yet there was an system error in Jetstar’s server. Upon verification, Jetstar said they were unable to refund the flight tickets but they could go ahead without the insurance. If the passengers wished to be insured, they got to look for AIG to sort out the problem! Jetstar never honoured their promised where the system clearly showed the booking was inclusive of the travel insurance upon booking yet they claimed it was not recorded in their system! Scam! Shameful Jetstar for cheating peoples’ $$$$.

Now is the 2 working day, I am still waiting for you to call me back on my mobile phone about this matter !!!!
Your company never honor promise after my payment successful pay !!!!
I feel your company cheated my money !!!

Video credits to Loh Boon YouTube channel

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AIG Travel Insurance

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