Avoiding other types of travel illnesses

Part 4 of how to avoid getting sick when you travel overseas: Other biological, animal, bodily fluids that can cause you to catch a serious disease.

Ways to get sick when traveling abroad:
1.) Airborne viruses – Sneezing, coughing, touch surfaces contaminated with germs

2.) Mosquitoes, bugs, pets – Due to biting, stinging, laying eggs, etc.

3.) Waterborne viruses and germs – Drinking unclean water, swimming, showering, eating contaminated food is at

4.) (THIS VIDEO) Sicknesses and diseases from animals, bodily fluids, animal markets and feces, and other biological methods.

In this video (as part of our series based on the free Travel Medical Guide, found at we discuss other ways you can get sick when overseas. Some of these are often overlooked when you are traveling, taking pictures, or if trying to care for a sick traveling companion.

Don’t get sick trying to care for a travel mate. Then there will be no one to take care of either of you! Get all vaccinations before travel and avoid uncooked food, undercooked food, or food cooked a long time before and then has been sitting out.

Avoid cute animals and petting dogs overseas. Elephants have been known to trample people accidentally or after being spooked. People get MERS from camels or those who seemed to have contracted the disease from camels (as in this clip from Korea after it was brought back from the Arabian Gulf – and avian bird flu from poultry markets ( Or rabies or fleas or ticks carrying deadly viruses from cute little monkeys:

Avoid healthcare facilities where quality is questionable: Reused needles and blood transfusion bags, other very sick people and their germs/bodily fluids, etc. Make sure you have good travel medical insurance and call the 24/7 number on the back to locate the best, western-care facility near you.

Video credits to Good Neighbor Insurance YouTube channel

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Avoiding other types of travel illnesses

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