CLARK Airport Terminal Pampanga Philippines S4, Vlog 58

Angeles City taxi car to Clark International Airport for Philippine Airlines PAL flight. Travel tips and guide. Clark Freeport Zone, Mabalacat City, Pampanga. Philippines Season 4, Travel Vlog 58.

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B Adventures: Australian travel vlogger exploring Philippines, Filipino culture, food, travel tips and tourist attractions.

Video credits to B Adventures Travel Vlogs YouTube channel

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CLARK Airport Terminal Pampanga Philippines S4, Vlog 58

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  1. You pay 600 pesos for intl flight. Then you go into a different area. In the international area their is a lounge you can pay to enter. Can't remember the price, but less than $20 I think. Worth it if your flight is at night. Have a snack, and rest on a comfy chair.

  2. I flew out of Clart last tuesday and it's 100 times better then NAIA. I think upstairs is for international flight because I went upstairs to board.

  3. Last time I was at Clark it was still a US Airbase, I remember it well, it was very clean and organised…do they still have the PX stores around the area?

  4. Other option is also at the Bayanihan Park area where you sit on a bench that has the glass back by the taxi area and wait til there is 5 people going into Clark. They then will load you up into a vehicle and take you straight to the airport . Each person pays 50 php. If you are in a hurry you can pay the full 250. This option is not meant for someone in a hurry.

  5. Other options to get in the base is a jeepney from the Bayanihan Park Terminal but they will drop you outside the airport and you would have to walk in the short distance.

  6. Bad advice right from the start…. you can't take a trike into Clark. It will be stopped at the main gate. You can take a motorcycle/scooter but you need to have shoes on and a helmet for each passenger.

  7. Terminal fee, port fee, fee fee fee everywhere you go in the Philippines. I just hope management will use it to better the place. Clark international airport looks big and very clean. As usual, you're very informative, thanks Brendan.

  8. When Clark closed the locals raided the place and actually got rich by selling what was left behind. Good thing they got their game on and maintained it for the area's benefit. Thanks for the video.

  9. Very informative video, I think Clark will get busy only if the talk of a fast rail line from Manila is ever built
    Yeah airport fees are a bit hit or miss should be included in your flight ticket , enjoy yourself in Palawan 😉👍

  10. Surprisingly, Clark Airport has stepped up their game recently. Even less than a year ago, they only offered about 3 flights per week from Clark to Cebu, via Cebu Pacific… now, they offer flights for that same route, every day via Cebu Pacific and PAL. Hopefully, this trend of increased flight frequency will continue 🙂

  11. nice vlog. unfortunately, people that is running the govt, especially the management team are not highly educated career people (yet), like in the west. they should have thought and remove this fees long time ago for the convenience of the public. this fees is just one problem prevailing in the philippines society. hopefully, the situation will improve everyday and systems will get modernized and matured. philippines has all the potentials to be the number one tourist spot in asia, drawing 50m tourists a year, at level with spain. Brandon, you have a knuck to be a reporter bec. of your observation skills and ability to make good evaluaion. you should apply to cnn or cgtn to be their reporter in the phil. thanks.

  12. As again. Great Vlog and very informative. It's good for everyone to know about these stupid terminal fees. They still had them at Puerto Princesa airport when I was there last October. I'm glad that you're still traveling in the Philippines to Coron. That means I'll be seeing more of your very informative, reviews, gorgeous girls and continuous talking videos 😀 Lol

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