Greece Travel: How Expensive is ATHENS? & City Tour!

In this video I explore Athens, Greece and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed using an Olympus SP-810UZ and/or a GoProHero Plus LCD.

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Thanks a lot for watching, and safe journeys!

Greece Travel: How Expensive is ATHENS? & City Tour!

Video credits to Gabriel Traveler YouTube channel

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Greece Travel: How Expensive is ATHENS? & City Tour!

Comments 42

  1. I am saddened you gave anything to that arm-raping "refugee". They are ruining every major city in Europe. I had a GROUP of them come after me and my girlfriend in Paris at Sacre Coeur and grab us both by the arms and not let go as they tried knotting strings around our arm. I shouted curse words louder than I have ever shouted that that **** and ripped my arm from his causing a cut on my wrist. I called the cops and of course nothing was done because France is a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. "It's only a small cut" they said and they jokingly asked if I wanted to sue them (because I was from America). Fuck you France. /rant

  2. Hi Gabriel! I LOVE YOUR VIDEO TOURS ! There the way they should be ! To the point and talks about everything we want /need to know when traveling ! Thank you for this channel! Greatest blessings for your travels !

  3. they are really tryin to make money out of tourists..but if you know where to go you can not let this happen..its not so just need someone to guide you..and mostly don't buy things and don't eat so much around the most visited monastiraki akropolis,suntagma and shit.. you can ask a random guy where to go..he must know..but you have to search your self maybe on the internet for more hidden places there..where you can find better and cheaper greece isn't so is but not so much..

  4. in tourist areas everything is more expensive,
    you can check big supermarkets or local markets, like bazaars (veggies, fruits) you can find them almost in every village or city.
    just ask the locals, they will be super helpfull.
    usually these markets taking place in the central square of the city/village and is open till 14 or 15:00

  5. You cuted the scene when the black man says "anything you have dude,anything you have".
    Also you have to visit Thessaloniki,Thessaloniki is even better than Athens

  6. The other travellers i follow on youtube with 100k followers have nice cameras because people with that many followers and views get paid by youtube. Why do yout videos seem so shakey?

  7. 1: The guy playing the instrument is a Roma Gypsy, he probably knows as much Greek as you do.
    2: The "Jamaican" is an African native probably from Nigeria or Somalia playing a Jamaican, it's tourist friendly, don't have conversations just leave, you're lucky, there are little gypsy children that come and claim they have nothing to eat and cry, they even make me feel guilty even though I know it's a scam, offer them food and leave you alone, they make 300 to 500 euros a day from tourists.
    3: The amazing singer is either a Canadian or American drifter, he sings, collects money and travels to another place, usually in other cities across Europe.
    4: You spent too much money, you could stay in nice bedrooms outside of central Athens for about 10 Euro's a night, you need to ask around there's plenty of places, ask a Greek to meet up with you on your next trip you'll have a lot more fun , there is a Gyro place I know close by that sells draft beer and a Gyro combo for 1.50 euro's.

  8. The night life in Greece was my favorite out of all the places I've been to… even in the country side and some of the smaller islands… love the culture. Eat dinner at 10pm and party until 6am

  9. greece is most beautiful country,people are not robot,life is so important for them,food are so healthy! more countries are jealous to them!I think they can survive without E.U!

  10. Great travel vlog! Really enjoyed it. Next time you visit the Acropolis and the archeological park try and visit the Acropolis museum if you already haven't because it's a stunning museum (entry fee is 5 euro). It was very nice of you to tip those musicians and thank you so much for visiting and supporting Greece!!! Cheers!!!

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