Guns Stores Makati Manila Philippines S4, Vlog 39

Makati Square mall, gun stores on basement level including: Trust Trade, Twin Pines, Armscor gun club & indoor shooting range. Metro Manila. Philippines Season 4, Travel Vlog 39.

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Music artist credit: Kevin MacLeod

B Adventures: Australian travel vlogger exploring Philippines, Filipino culture, food, travel tips and tourist attractions.

Video credits to B Adventures Travel Vlogs YouTube channel

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Guns Stores Makati Manila Philippines S4, Vlog 39

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  1. thankz for thiz video. I'm also planing go in makati square.. now i have an idea. for you what's gun store offering low price manila?? hehe. ihope someday I'll be with you in ur yutube. hehe

  2. good video with lotso info !!!
    advice- fix ur stance by holding a heavy shopper with about 4 to 6 lbs of weight-water or anything else … practice holding aim point for a minute with index squeeze n most important breathe control…see the results in ur first week

  3. Have you tried the Shoot N C Target stickers by Birchwood Casey. You stick them into the targets and you can see where you shot. The 10" is a good for you at 10 to 25 yards.

  4. Recently learned Armscor Makati Manila Pistol shooting is P600 for Filipinos, but P1500 for foreigners. Other branches also have extreme price difference. This is really dishonest and taking advantage of foreigners. Especially when Armscor exports products other countries including USA. This could give Armscor or Rock Island Armory (RIA) a bad reputation with US customers and other countries abroad.
    Another YouTuber Tony Phan covered it in his video below.

  5. I hate guns but my Pinay wife loves them 😉 She's a Glock girl hehe! 50k for a Glock not bad! I also took her shopping last time I visited. I love that PI is a gun culture, much like US.

  6. Thank you so much for this video. I'm a european gun owner and also half filipino, the laws here get stricter. I plan to get also a gun permit in the philippines soon.

  7. Next time your'e at Makati Square you should do a tour of the mall itself, I'd love to see that. I went to school closeby and we would hang out at this mall all the time. I can't believe that Shakeys is still there! That's been there since the mall opened in 1982!

  8. Thanks brandon.. hope to see you again! My brother and I went back firing at the range. We tried the 9mm in 1911 frame. Hoping we can visit their marikina branch for the test 1911 Tactical FS TCM.

  9. when we arrived in manila we was so shocked by the amount of guns on sight by security and shops, being from england we dont see any guns so openly carried around iike this. It was quite scary until we got used to it a few weeks later. You make it seem not very scary which is good and this video prepares people for what you will see there. great vid

  10. yes, yes…  more guns!   how much the membership at the range mate?  I wanna shoot all types too and any particular reason why you preferred 9mm more than 45 caliber tho?  I wonder if they have desert eagle too..

  11. If you go to one of these stores in Philippines and buy the top-end stuff, would you be better armed than the police? That's a problem here in the U.S. K'm sure many of the big-time criminals here buy guns off the black market.

  12. Another great gun-related video, bro. A couple of suggestions on your stance. You should've leaned forward a bit more on your earlier shots like you did at your last magazine. Also, I noticed you were shaking quite a bit on the arms. You need to breathe properly to relax a bit more. The last thing would be your feet. I couldn't see how wide you had them separated, but that's also a must for a better anchor, and you need to bend your knees a tad bit. By the way, I sold my Walther PPS for a Springfield XDs 3.3 inch in 9mm. I just wanted that bit more of safety (the grip safety, like 1911s have) since I carry AIWB. I was surprised they allow rapid fire in that range, or did you just do that for the hell of it?

  13. b, what do s your Filipino friendsin australia tell you, what'd they think of you travelling Philippines every year. it all started with your friends wedding right?! just curious.

  14. hey B…good video again…I'm very much into guns….being on large acres out west here…just wondering what gun licences you hold also have joined your Facebook site…have fun…

  15. Awesome vlog again and very interesting. It's good that you really know a lot about this sport. Yes become a member and get all the benefits of enjoying shooting in the Philippines.
    But you know what you should have gotten the number of that beautiful Cebu Pacific stewardess. 😃👍🏻

  16. Good video.Always enjoy the firearms videos . Always crazy to see the prices compared to U.S. Understand imported would be expensive to a point. But even the Armscore made in Ph is exp even to West prices.

  17. interesting vlog, it's not something we see here in the UK , or at least I never have anyway . I am sure someone will tell me I am wrong, but not where I live anyway ,nice vlog

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