How Much Does it Cost to Travel The Philippines?

How Much Does it Cost to Travel The Philippines? Here’s the answer.
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On this episode, I look at what a travel budget for The Philippines might look like. Honestly, I had no idea what the prices would look like here before I came. As you might know if you’ve been following the channel, I didn’t do any research before leaving on my trip to the Philippines. So, I didn’t know how much it would cost. I made assumptions that it would be similar to places like Malaysia, and I think I was pretty correct in that.
So, how much does it cost to travel the Philippines? Less than I would have expected. Are the Philippines expensive to travel? No. Not at all.
Let me break down my costs and budget for you a bit.
For a month of travel in the Philippines, I have $1500. This is leftover money from last month when I got lucky playing in the US. That means, I could have a budget for travel in the Philippines of about $45 a day.
Looking at what I’ve been spending so far on the trip, I’d say that’s going to be really easy to do.
For example, yesterday I spent $20 on a hotel room, $13 on food, and another $5 on guides and entrance fees. Today, I spent $18 on a hotel room, $10 on food, and $3 on transport. So, my budget over the past couple days here in The Philippines is about $35 a day. Of course, I expect that budget to go up as I head to more expensive places like Palawan. I also expect that to go up as I do some activities that will cost some money. Maybe like a diving trip.
Of course, the cost of travel to the Philippines is also going to depend a lot on how you travel. Personally, I’m on a mid range budget. So, I’m staying in private hotel rooms, taking public transport, and eating at restaurants. If you wanted to travel the Philippines really cheap, you could do that too. I think if you were to stay in dorms, eat street food, and take the cheapest transport possible, you could likely travel the Philippines on less than $30 a day. Of course, if you want to be staying at fancy eco-lodges and resorts here, your budget could obviously be extremely high. There’s no fixed price to travel here, or anywhere for that matter.
So, those are my answers for now. I will try to keep you guys updated on the cost of travel in the Philippines as I know that interests a lot of you. I will also keep you up to date with my money situation. Let’s see if I can stick to my budget of traveling the Philippines for less than $1500 in a month.

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel The Philippines?

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  1. Just aword of advice don't take Philippine Airlines for Domestic flight becuase they're always late so if your next flight after your domestic flight don't gamble. PAL or Philippine Airlines can be late like up to three hours maximum.

  2. hoe are you,ai from brazil and i think go live in philippines.
    i would like know if you can talk one good place to live and good to open one business tattoo and
    if earn money currency phillippines possible the people get one nice quality life

  3. Unfortunately hitch-hiking isn't very popular in the Philippines, atleast between the locals.
    If you're a foreigner like yourself, well.. you might get a chance.

  4. Man you know how to manage, I on the other hand is the opposite in three weeks alone just on booze I spent 800 US dollars. I was literally black out drunk every night for the 6 weeks I was there.

  5. From what I have seen, anywhere one goes, accommodation is consuming the biggest chunk of ones budget.
    Have you thought doing coach surfing or is planing giving you too much hassle?
    Travelling on foot through northern Spain last year, on the way to Compostela, the daily expenses were similar to yours, sometimes sleeping in dormitories and sometimes in cheap hotels, but without daily travel cost obviously 😉 it was around 40€/day ($1 almost equal 1€)

  6. thanks for showing a side of the Philippines that most people dont know about. Most people think it's all beaches and tropical islands. They never picture heavy fog, pine trees, and mountains when they think of the Philippines

  7. The good thing about Asia is the weather can be fabulous when not raining.. stay positive the sun will be out 🙂 Enjoy the moment..

  8. I've been loving your daily videos lately! I just started making photography vlogs and its been really enjoyable. Travel photography would be pretty cool for a living even though there's a lot of business involved.

  9. Brendan, another excellent video. Really enjoyed watching it although the weather maybe not so good for you there. You've seen more places there than me even though I'm originally from there. Now really looking forward to your every day vlog. Keep safe. Enjoy more!

  10. Your videos are extremely informative and very well made! I can't believe you don't get more views… Thanks for taking the time to make them and sharing your insights and thoughts with us in this epic way! much appreciated <3

  11. It's tropical climate 😉 I experience different weather conditions within a day when i was in PH. cloudy sunrise>nice sunrise>fabulous daytime and sunset > thunderstorm night (which i tried to take thunderstorm for my first time in life, where i stayed in a room that had a balcony ;)) … and of coz, the other day rainy sunrise, but then clear starry night (that i took my first starry photo in my life too!) Good luck and LOVE your remarks on ppl over there, brings me back my good time trip 🙂 be safe and stay curious.

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