If Medicare for All Is Passed, Do People’s Retirement Accounts Get Crushed?

–Audience Question: Would people with investments in health insurance companies get crushed if Medicare-for-All was to pass?

–On the Bonus Show: Trump’s Interior Secretary under investigation over travel expenses, scientists develop a smart tattoo that monitors health, Starbucks baristas get less maternity leave than its corporate employees, and much more…

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If Medicare for All Is Passed, Do People’s Retirement Accounts Get Crushed?

Comments 39

  1. Religious Zealot Capitalists are all for creative destruction (as is medicare for all being more cost efficient) until it is there turn then they cry "I didn't mean me."

  2. Depends on the mutual fund and how competent the manager is. If your manager is smart, they'd see the news coming and once the likelihood of it passing becomes pretty much inevitable — they'd disperse to other funds in a different, less risky market.

  3. 33 seconds in and he said non-profit health insurance companies are in people's mutual funds. Kinda odd… how does that work? Did you miss-speak or is there a way that non-profit companies are now selling stocks?

  4. The purpose of a mutual fund is to make your exposure diverse. The balance of the fund should prevent large losses. If you get cancer in your old age without single payer health insurance your exposure to large loss is not diverse. A small stock market gain is not worth the huge personal loss of having to lose everything you ever worked for to pay your hospital bill.

  5. "For-profit insurance companies will definitely be negatively effected" is a false assumption based on the premise that the companies won't shift to support the new market and develop a product that is wanted by the public. The insurance companies COULD shift to provide coverage for the gap, the items not covered in the Medicare-for-all program. That could be concierge services (scheduling on the person's behalf, channeling users to certain providers, etc.), premium services (quality items like faster care or privacy), and items not covered by Medicare-for-all when it is initially implemented or as it evolves (ex. dental coverage may be covered, but orthodontics may not, so the insurance company would cover orthodontics).

    Change is hard…until not changing is harder. The insurance companies will change or go out of business.

  6. Just think how great it will feel for the employees at these companies not to have to tell customers sorry, but, you have to die so our CEO can increase his/her bonus…

  7. For a start universal health care does not mean the end of private health insurance, you would still pay that on top to gain access to private hospitals and to skip waiting lists but it is way less profitable.
    The benefit side of universal health care, is labour costs are hugely reduced because companies no longer need to provide health insurance but simply rely on universal health care to care for their workers, so major saving in every single other industry. So the bulk of companies will increase in value due to major labour cost savings, not having to pay billion in very expensive private health insurance.
    The biggest benefit to the public, is it forces a major policy shift in US government health care priorities, from the public gets sick 'meh', more profit for hospitals and pharmaceuticals, to preventative health care saves billions in taxes (environmental health, food quality, knowledge about how to live a healthier life) and you can reduce taxes but forcing lower profit margins in the health care industry.
    The only real negative side, a few psychopaths working in private health insurance no longer get the rush of deciding who lives and who dies, perhaps the Republican will consider a health care solution for them to ease their bruised egos. Perhaps they can give them some Puerto Ricans to abuse for fun.

  8. For profit healthcare companies would be forced to compete with single payer system by trying to win it in quality and service. That's the capitalistic dimension of the single payer system.

  9. The number 1 problem that financial advisors say is the problem of outliving retirement… they can’t forecast how much a retiree needs for the next 5, 10, 15, or even 20years because healthcare insurance premiums goes up… sometimes exponentially… healthcare for all solves this problem by freeing up the money… when a retiree no longer needs to pay for healthcare insurance… they can live out their retirement…

  10. Hayek said basic income, etc. improves markets and returns because it increases information and brings the entire population into the market. I mean think about it, more people getting insurance, more income for providers

  11. "If we switch to a single-payer plan, than all of these health insurance stocks will be worthless." Thats the cost of initially building and propping up something as inherently worthless as the american model of healthcare. Those stocks were already worthless, single-payer implementations simply reveals that fact.

  12. It's always easier to see the flaws in a new system than it is to see them in the current one. Single payer isn't perfect, and not without some drawbacks, but the status quo is far worse.


  14. If your mutual fund is competent enough, they should spread your portfolio across industries and companies, and you shouldn't lose majority of your savings because a few companies go under water.

  15. Donald Trump must be fuming that obamacare has risen in popularity to its highest so far. And more people are taking up the Affordable care act, even with the restrictions that moron Donald Trump's trying to put in place financially on States. That's one for the people 0 to the fat cats!!!!

  16. One thing we can be sure of: insurance companies will run the single payer system (I.e. US government). They are deeply entrenched into the political system. After all, their executives wrote Obama Care! Insurance companies will contract with the US government to deliver care to all. IMHO, I expect stock prices of insurers to soar not sink.

  17. The reality is that with Medicare for all there will be a major recession causing many people to suffer, and in the end we will not be getting a better system. So it is unnecessary.

  18. There are obviously going to be hurdles when over hauling the health care system. Some people's port folios may take a hit. This is too important of an issue to keep kicking down the road tho. Single payer is way past due. We need to deal with the massive waste in the medical buerocricy. The pharmaceutical lobby is also a pressing issue. We need to address all these things in tandem. Why are we still debating an issue that's been settled in most of the Western world? Get your shit together America!

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