Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

There are as many ways to get injured as there are ways to have resort fun. Whether you’re checking out the sizzling bodies on the beach or para sailing high above the ocean. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and say “I’m not insured for that kind of damage”.

So, what vacation risks exist and what can you do to protect yourself and your family.

Let’s break it down.

There are basically 3 levels of harm.

1. You slip and scrape your knee,

2. You’re showing off and fail. it’s off to the hospital for some stitches,

3. You accidentally cut your head off and need air-evac to a us hospital to get it sewn back on;

So let’s address

#1 – a minor scrape
All decent resorts have a doctor or nurse at on location. They can fix you up for – little to no – cost.

#2 – you need to go to a hospital.
Bring your credit card. You will be expected to pay before you get medical attention.

#3 – you need to an air – evac
Bring your credit card with a very big limit. Like $15 – $20k – before wheels up. You will be required to pay before the jet rolls down the runway. There is no way around it. No postdated checks, no bartering, no negotiations.

So now you ask, ‘what do I do?

First, check to see if your existing insurance covers you when you travel (most don’t!).

2nd … research the price of travel insurance.
for about $79-$99 per person you can secure travel insurance that protects you from medical emergencies – and – also allows you to cancel your trip for any reason – plus, you get all your money back (including airfare).

Like you, I dislike being extorted, gouged or squeezed by insurance companies – scroll down for links to other opinions … both pro & con

The bottom line is how much risk you will accept.

I’m Bashful Dan, never too shy to give my opinion.

Ever been hurt on vacation? I’d love to hear your story, leave a comment.

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Is Travel Insurance a Scam?

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