JOLLIBEE IS DISGUSTING … OR NOT? Putting Jollibee to the test
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Many of you asked we try Jollibee and we finally did. It’s a must try when coming to the Philippines as this is the #1 fast food chain in the world!

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Comments 44

  1. Not everyone likes the same thing and that’s ok. Please watch entirely before jumping to conclusions. This video is not meant to criticize this place. It’s just an honest taste test. If you don’t like honesty don’t watch. We tried amazing Filipino food around the country made by small local restaurants that cook the real Filipino dishes, if that’s what you’re into watch another video like the market one in Estancia! πŸ™‚

  2. You should try Inihaw ni Tekla, it’s cooked specially for people like you… I guarantee you will run out of β€œHONESTY” people who cooked there are like shamans who hate pretentious food critics… so if you eat there CHOOSE YOUR WORDS POLITELY

  3. Actually there's more to Jollibee than just the food. To us Filipino's, specially balikbayans (Filipono's living abroad), it reminds us of home and our culture. It reminds us of our childhood, memories and more. The sweet taste of Jollibee spaghetti is specifically made for Filipino's, specially kids taste. I understand you were trying to give honest opinion, you had good intentions, but the way you did it, I mean just look at Juju's reaction towards that spaghetti. We can handle criticism well, but this one I think is definitely insulting, that lady was the only saving grace of this video, I think you have to see the video again for yourselves to see how she gave her commentaries and reactions compared to both you and Juju. And, I don't like the strawberry fries, I think it taste's weird. See, we have different cultures, and that includes our foods, I think be sensitive next time.

  4. hello guys. I feel bad you are not finding vegetarian dishes. You must go to a Filipino restaurant. In the Phils, you can find Talong which is grilled eggplant cooked within an omelette. Try adobong Kangkong, its a water spinach cooked in garlic and soy sauce, try seafood salads, try ubod ng saging- couer de bananier dans le lait de coco, try fresh lumpia – like a crepe of fresh veggies with peanut sauce. Most of the time veggies are cooked with meat but ask for veggies sauteed in seafood. Find the most talkative waiter in the restaurant, she/ he will be happy to explain. I like you guys, take care.

  5. I didn’t really see any hate comments at all, or perhaps I need to scroll a little more. Every foreign food is an acquired taste, you might love it or dislike it at first. I’m not offended at all even though I’m Filipino and love Jollibee. I pretty much do the same thing to other country’s food.

  6. You should actually eat the chicken with thr white rice. That's how we eat our meals. The white rice compliments the dish and the reason it's plain is to reduce the strong flavor of the dish. I'm quite disappointed that you still don't know that yet.

  7. I understand what you’re saying about the spaghetti. I’m not a fan of Filipino spaghetti even when I was a kid. Some say that you have to look at Filipino spaghetti as just another Filipino dish and not compare it with the Italian spaghetti. I myself haven’t been to Jollibee so I can’t make any comparison to other fast food places. I’m from California so my β€œgo to” fast food is In and Out, and occasionally Jack in the Box onion rings.

  8. The sauce used in Jolibee spagetti is made of BANANA CATSUP that's why its taste sweet which the Filipino people love to eat and made their spagetti as box office in SALES. And you cannot really enjoy eating the foods because you keep all talking, talking and talking. Since 1977 Jollibee is the no.1 food chain in the Philippines and even in Dubai they open their branches just in 1 year they already have 3 franchises.

  9. I’m Filipino and I dislike Filipino style spaghetti. Too sweet.
    Chickenjoy tastes like Red Rooster? Hmm, kinda does tho. Have you guys been to Australia or are planning to visit? 😁

  10. Trina's comments on spaghetti is super true. I definitely agree on how she described the taste. i just cant imagine a strawberry spaghetti. Hahaha. Also, you should have tried choco-mallow pie.

    P.S. I started following your vlogs because of Pierre but the way Trina speaks, I think I love her more now. Sorry, Pierre. Lol. Have fun touring 12 countries! ❀❀❀

  11. Filipinos are not familiar with European style spaghetti. And if an ordinary Filipino would eat European style spaghetti they will PUKE. The sauce is mainly banana ketchup and if you are not familiar with it, DON"T BASH IT!!! Also SARSI is SARSA PARILLA, born way back when your parents and grandparents were not fucking yet. Europeans who thinks all food tastes the same with their food…

  12. Jollibee is also not my cup of tea. Among fast food chains, I prefer the dishes served in Goldielocks.

    However, Jollibee prices are affordable and Jollibee is present almost everywhere in the Philippines.

    During my last vacation (dec17/jan18) in the philippines, i dined in Max Southmall, Max Tagaytay, Max Las Pinas, Sambokojin Southmall, Four Seasons southmall, Taal Vista Lodge, Abe’s at ayala alabang, pancake house southmall, pancake house ayala alabang

  13. Heheheh! Jollibee was basically catered to make a quick buck – just like ALL fastfood joints on our planet are. It was established to fill the stomachs of the very hungry; not to really give flavor to savor. It was also made to be affordable to the average Filipino. And last, it's ultimate target market: Kids. Kids love sweets. They love their hotdogs, too. So Jollibee came up with a crazy recipe for spaghetti – why not ketchup (banana, most probably), noodles, sugar, and diced hotdogs? (In fact, most Filipinos understand spaghetti to be sweet sauce and hotdogs, and not the Italian – styled recipe.) It's not a costly mix for the company. It's a disgusting and unhealthy concoction of such that is sweet to Jollibee's booming business. So THAT's Jollibee: nothing much, really. Just good when you're REALLY hungry … And low on cash. (But, WAIT! There's more! It ain't just chicken and fries, heheh! If ever you guys do decide to go back to Jollibee, try the Aloha Burger, Champ Burger, Peach Mango Pie, and/or other rice meals – plus the sundaes. It would be interesting to get your takes. My personal favorite, by the way, is the Champ.)

  14. I'm Filipino but I don't like the sweet style spaghetti like what they have in Jollibee. I prefer close to the Italian with real tomato sauce. I hope you have the chance to visit Bacolod City, the cuisine here is one of the best in the Philippines.

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