Our Home Owners Insurance Claim Experience from Hurricane Irma *Journey Update Full-time RV Living*

Our home was damaged during Hurricane Irma which will possibly delay our full time RV travel plans. Stacy talks about our home owners insurance claim experience so far from Hurricane Irma, and gives a quick run through on how our home owners claim process has went.

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Our Home Owners Insurance Claim Experience from Hurricane Irma *Journey Update Full-time RV Living*

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  1. Think about it this way yโ€™all have your health , and its just a process yโ€™all will learn from keep your videos coming we really enjoy them KD

  2. I went through the same exact thing back in 2004 in Volusia county. I had State Farm then and my problem wasn't getting the check fast enough, it was getting a roofing company. Everyone lost shingles and roofs that year so they were backed up for months. Got my new roof and sold the house two months later. You may want to check with your county for additional assistance. Back then I was able to get additional assistance towards my high deductible.

  3. Sorry this happened ๐Ÿ™ Thankfully over here in Tampa Bay and my particular neighborhood we squeaked by with no damage, but just outside my neighborhood there was a LOT of damage. Dodged that bullet! You'll get past this and eventually laugh about it I'm sure once you get on the road.

  4. Don't wait a week call everyday and they will want to get rid of you and get things done. Don't settle for less than what it is worth and hire a lawyer if they don't. You also can call the State Insurance commission.

  5. Sorry you guys had to go through all the BS,but the reality is they all take your money every year but when its time to payout,they are nowhere to be found,can't imagine what the seniors are going through in that situation, hope things get back to normal very soon,there is always Tenn or NC.๐Ÿ‘Œ

  6. We live in Okeechobee and suffered roof damage, lost our carport and damage to our sunroom, etc. Adjuster came out within 3 weeks, issued a partial check about 5 days later and now we wait for a construction company to do the repairs. Once the repairs are done, photos taken, etc., we will get final check. I have found that in a lot of cases with insurance, you are only as good as your agent. He/she can make things happen if they wish too.
    Your mold/mildew is your biggest worry. Some people don't do well healthwise with those spores. Good luck!
    I had State Farm for years and never had a problem. However, they don't insure mobile homes here, so we have another company.

  7. It does sound like a long time to get a check in hand. But when there is a catastrophic event like a hurricane I'm sure these companies are overwhelmed. Our area was hit hard from hurricane Sandy and it took over two weeks to get power back at my house. We had homeowners insurance through Geico which is called Homestead and they were excellent. We also had an inspector from the midwest come out. He was here in about a week but I think it took another two weeks to get a check. Which I thought was a reasonable amount of time. I will say it is an extremely stressful time and it never seems like things will get better but of course in the end they do. Hang in there, it takes time but I'm confident it will work out. Stay safe, Lou.

  8. Sorry to see this. Deja vu, as we had a house fire NY eve and it took 8 months to get the roof on. Your tarp and mould issues/additional damage sadly we experienced too. Our RV experience will start January 18 when we have our renovated house up for sale by auction. Good luck, we feel for you

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