Penguins of the Falkland Islands in 1 Minute! 🐧

Meeting some of the cute penguin “locals” in the Falkland Islands — which is apart from the 3,000+ humans that make up the archipelago! 🐧 ▾ // See more details below // ▾

In this brief video, you will see the kinds of penguins that we witnessed during our landings in the islands with Hurtigruten during our 20-day Antarctica Expedition:
– Magellanic Penguins (those with two black stripes on head and breast)
– Gentoo Penguins (those with white stripe on forehead with bright orange red bill)
– King Penguins (the taller ones with lovely orange feathers on their neck, with some babies still wrapped in brown fur)
– Southern Rockhopper Penguins (those with yellow feathers near their eyes and some are still incubating their egg as seen in the video)

~ All thanks to Hurtigruten for making this once-in-a-lifetime trip possible!

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▸ Background Music: Curious by Nicolai Heidlas
▸ Camera: Canon 80D
▸ Editing: Final Cut Pro

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Video credits to Aileen Adalid YouTube channel

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Penguins of the Falkland Islands in 1 Minute! 🐧

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