Philippines dangerous for travelers? Is it safe to travel to the Philippines?
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We’ve been travelling in the Philippines for a while now and want to share with you our experience on safety in the Philippines.

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👉 (photography + daily bts!)

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– Windjammer:
– Drone filters:
– Camera Bag: F-Stop Anja, here is another one

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Video credits to PierreTL YouTube channel

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Comments 12

  1. Howdy Pierre and Trina! Thank you for being very objective. PH may not be the safest, but it's also not the most dangerous. About the weather, funny you mentioned 24 typhoons. I have been living here in Houston for 10 years now and for whatever reason I miss PH's rainy season.

    Growing-up in the 80's and 90's in the Manila, wet and dry seasons were fairly consistent (wet season is almost always from June to November and dry from December to May), and Mindanao is almost always spared from typhoon and never-ending monsoon rain. But since 2005, I observed that the weather system has changed, and I don't know if it's because of climate change. Mindanao is now ravaged by strong typhoons and it seems like wet and dry season is difficult to define now.

    Anyhow, let me tell you that you both are one of my favorite YouTubers and one of the very few YouTube couples I watch religiously (the other is Travel Beans). I really love your positive attitude and vibe. I can tell that you both are sincere and honest with your opinions and with how you tell your stories. Salut, safe travels, and cheers to more videos!

  2. This is great. Your advice to non-Filipino travelers make sense. The media (especially the fake news ones – CNN, BBC, etc., to borrow Trumps term), exaggerates and performs demolition jobs on emerging countries like the Philippines.. Trina is ethnically Thai so she will fit perfectly in the Philippines (look wise). She's very articulate too. She's very much welcome to come back to the Philippines!

  3. crimes happen all over the world, but I must say The Philippines is still safe for tourists, just dont go the places where the rebels or terrorists are creeping. I agree with you travellers should not showcase their expensive gadgets, and always have a tourist guide with you.

    Overall, it is indeed safe in our country, we dont burn foreigners alive, we burn them with our burning hospitality and smile. Congrats your subscribers are growing and let's cheer for 10k subscribers.

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