Scanner Audio: “Active shooter (fairgrounds)”, “STAGE LEFT” – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Scanner Audio: Cops say “active shooter inside the fairgrounds”, “1/2 up Mandalay Bay”, and “Stage left.” Stage left is a theatrical term for the left side of stage when on the stage. Maybe he meant the left side of the stage. But the left side of the stage is a safer area than the right side (which would be stage left). Audio repeats. Virtual tour via google earth (pre event date of course).

oNew photos show Vegas shooter’s dead body on the floor of his hotel room after he committed suicide
oIn the photo, Stephen Paddock wears a brown long-sleeved top, black slacks, loafers, and black gloves
oNext to his body are two assault rifles with bi-pods; one has a ‘bump stock’, making it effectively full-auto
oDozens of spent shells litter the floor and in one corner magazines sit in neat stacks
oA hammer is also seen, which Paddock presumably used to smash open two windows in his suite
oIt was from both of those vantage points that Paddock fired on a crowd of 22,000 attending a music festival
oHe killed at least 59 people and injured 527 in the attack – the deadliest in U.S. history
oVideo from outside the hotel room shows bullets piercing the front door, from when Paddock shot at cops
oHe set up a camera on a room service cart outside the room to warn him when police were arriving
oBy the time a SWAT team blew open the door to the suite, Paddock had shot himself dead
oInvestigators are struggling to find a reason for why the millionaire retiree carried out the massacre
oHe had no criminal record, and his brother says he wasn’t religious or political
oHe did, however, like gambling and in the two weeks prior had carried out several large figure bets
oIn the week before he died, he also wired $100,000 to an account in his girlfriend’s native Philippines
oGirlfriend Marilou Danley is back to being a person of interest and is en route back to the U.S. for questioning
oOn Tuesday, Las Vegas authorities say they had identified all but three of the 59 victims

At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Lombardo confirmed that Paddock had cameras set up inside and outside of his room – including one on the food service cart.
The cameras outside the room appear to have been used to warn Lombardo when police were outside. A source told the Washington Post that the cameras outside the room were connected to a tablet which streamed live footage of the hallway.
Lombardo refused to comment on whether the cameras inside the room were used by Paddock to capture the massacre.

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When retiree Stephen Paddock checked into his 32nd-floor hotel suite at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino last Thursday, nothing appeared unusual.

Paddock had booked room 32135, described by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Sheriff Joseph Lombardo as one large suite with uninterrupted views of the Las Vegas Strip.
The former accountant would’ve had a clear view of the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a 3-day country music event taking place in an open-air, ground-level venue across the Strip, some 400 yards away from his hotel.

On Sunday night, as the crowd of about 22,000 people listened to headliner Jason Aldean below, Paddock smashed two windows of his hotel suite — one in the front and one on the corner — and fired into the crowd, ultimately killing 59 and injuring hundreds of others.
The attack was the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal, citing an unnamed source, reported late Wednesday that two holes were found in one of the two jet fuel tanks near the site of the Route 91 Harvest concert. One of the bullets penetrated a tank, but did not cause an explosion, the report said.

The report said FBI agents inspected the tanks and considered the bullet’s trajectory from where Paddock opened fire on 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. could not immediately confirm the report. The paper reported that both the company that operates the tanks and the FBI did not comment for its report.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said it’s difficult to believe Paddock acted alone in the attack on the audience of an outdoor concert.

Please know: My sincere & heartfelt sympathies to all who suffer from this horrific tragedy.

Video credits to ThumbsAreHandyThings YouTube channel

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Scanner Audio: “Active shooter (fairgrounds)”, “STAGE LEFT” – Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

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  1. Need help figuring this out: So this is looped audio. At 40 seconds, somewhere in the two minute time and at 4:50, what is the entire sentence from this gentleman? I can't make it all out. "Show ca?? On four? Send in the active/actor shooter ?????police." Sometimes I hear the strong r in actor when I'm focusing on other parts of the sentence. But then sometimes it sounds like active. Either way I'm trying to decipher the entire sentence.

  2. Sounds like when I listen to the local police scanner…without the mass shooting. Not surprising that there was incorrect information about where the shooting was coming from….dark and confused at this point.

  3. I remember them just recently had active shooter drills the past few months I've seen at least 3 withing the past year with blood and all one was in hospital, One was in a casino.

  4. This was all an elaborate training drill production that is being played out with the media as a real event. Happens all the time. There was multiple sounds of gun shots in different areas and lots of totally different stories and theories. Of course there is going to be. The time lines for this event are all twisted and the media is giving out tons of crazy theories for everyone to play off of. You have cell video of some of the crisis actors and real innocent bystanders but the time lines don't match the official narratives. Fake names and numbers that get officially delcared come out of thin air and thrown into the mix. (makes for some really entertaining theories) Then they just change one of those fictitious statistics and create all new conspiracies. If you don't think something like this can be staged to be played out live then your probably stuck in all the conspiracy theories within the staged event. This event targeted the same demographic that tore past drills apart. Now some of that same demographic believes this one has to be real. There has to be a real bad guy and lots of real dead people on this one. I know a friend's, sister's, uncle that was there so it has to be real. It gives this demographic the sense that this one belongs to them. That it's their event. It's targeting your emotional response and over riding your logical thinking. Some prior targeted demographics won't even pay attention or care about this event. This has been a very effective government tool. It's so easy to fool today's population with these things even with all the horrible acting and botched off script stories. That is why they keep using them. The production quality has gone down dramatically but the effectiveness has definitely increased. The real concern about this event going live is what is going to follow it. The consequences of it. The solution for it. Are they going to use this to enact worthless gun laws and worthless spying laws? Will they decide to go with connections with terrorist and use it for more worthless war operations? All of the above? Of course they will. Never waste a good crisis. They cost too much to produce. It's not worthless laws to our government. Follow the money trails. There is a lot of money to be made form writing new laws. A lot more money to be made than it cost to create. By the time you get to the conclusion of your theories for this event those consequences will already be written in ink/blood and will be business as usual until next time. Never going back because the next distraction is just around the corner.

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  7. What about the coroners reports as to the types of bullets found in the dead and drs findings for the injured their bullets. And all the bullets that missed and will be laying around somewhere. The bullets that hit other things would be able to tell from which way they were fired right?

  8. freeze this video at 5:02! 1. look at the windows of Mandalay bay none are broken? 2. The cops are crouched down behind car and lying on the ground and the morons on both sides of the car are standing and playing with their phones? no fear of the gun fire???

  9. What are those two tall towers behind stage? Perfect spot for snipers nests and much better vantage points on the crowd. Witnesses were pointing behind the stage when the shooting started correct?

  10. Make's me wonder if all or most of those gun shots came over a loud speaker at Mandalay Bay as a distraction and the shots came from someplace else…@4:39 if you look to the right of the sign, you can see what looks to be a speaker, or not…(just thinking out loud, lol)

  11. I see the number 33, common in Luciferianism, comes up a lot. Luciferians do not have the monopoly on symbolism and simulacrum. The date of November 4th is hyped, 33 days from October 2.

  12. How can floor to ceiling windows be smashed by hammer and no one from security be aware of it? Huge windows smashed, but no one sees or hears smashing glass land in lobby and driveway of hotel?

  13. Hey America, you feel that? It feels like an ungloved hand being shoved up our asses and they aren't even using KY Jelly! First they said it was four machine guns, then they said it was 20, now I wake up this morning and the number has miraculously risen to 33? Can somebody tell me how it's possible to smuggle a virtual armory through the hotel lobby, into the elevator and past all the cameras in every corner of the building. This whole thing evokes the gag response, and at this point, I swear I'm gonna break my foot off in the ass of the next idiot who tries to tell me it was a one-man show… that's not only absurd, it really pisses me off! SNIFF Smell that? It smells like shit to me, I've always maintained that if it smells like shit, it probably is. Maybe it doesn't bother most of you, but I ain't taking a bite out of that turd… knock yourself out… here's a napkin.


  15. They were having their FEMA drill. I know it's shocking that they'd be having an active shooter drill right there at the same time an active shooter actually showed up

  16. Good graphics of the venue. Does it look like 22,000 people could fit in that concert area? Or is that one of those marketing "total attendance over the course of the event (3 days)" deals to make it sound like more people were there? Hard to know since the "Route 91" Festival website is scrubbed except for a ribbon (BTW, there is no Route 91 there).

  17. Look at those two big ass structures behind the stage, thats one spot, the hotel was the second spot, and probably a bunch of other people involved in this shooting…

  18. Fake government bullshit false flag.
    would've been commendable if it was a crowd of convicted child molesters.
    but it's just a bunch of good ole country music fans.

    And they're still not getting our guns. So not only did they kill the wrong people, they still ain't getting what they want.

  19. Anyone that doesn't see this as another Deep state attempt to over throw our legally elected President by subterfuge is braindead blind ..Just like The Mueller hoax investigation ..
    Deep State and Bob Mueller weren't considering everyones cellphone footage and recordings when they planned this and because of this footage…because..of
    .Plan A…they shot at fuel tanks first that was plan incinerate everyone and make thier escape…when that failed Plan B went into play
    Plan B it was to open up with full auto mini mac gun..multiple shooters for sure .. dont you dare believe otherwise .
    … They wont get away with this like the did on 9/11

  20. Please note; to all of you who call this "a tragedy", that is incorrect. It is "an atrocity" a tragedy is something that people brought on themselves.

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