The Most Amazing Place (TRAVEL JAPAN)

Japan is an amazing country so far! I spent the first night in Tokyo, and traveled the next day to Fujisan, the base of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is know to be very shy and shows itself only around 80 days of the year. Luckily, we were able to see it upong waking up in Fujisan. This trip was designed by ANA. I began traveling with influencers from all over Asia – South Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and myself representing the Philippines. We have quite a few surprises in store for this Japan trip.

Watch My Guide to Japan:

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The Most Amazing Place (TRAVEL JAPAN)

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  1. Haley, I know you had a great time but it seemed that this vlog showed a western style of glamping. The campsite looks like it's from America. Kinda strange that Japan did not showed a more traditional setting.

  2. Right after your vlog, I watched Wil's vlogs and came back just to comment on your vlogs. 😂 Both of you are sooo funny! You guys always made my day and Haley you've been ROASTEDD again! (As usual😜)

  3. I just had a thought while watching this. You are both of Filipino and "American" descent and your guide is of Japanese descent. How cool it is post World War II, who would have thought that this is happening.

  4. Hey girl I'm a new subscriber just joined today October 25 2017. I also subscribed to your brother after seeing your vlogs! You both have a natural talent for YouTube I can't believe I haven't subscribed earlier. Love your and your brothers content, I wish I could live my life the way you guys do!!! Peace and love from Adam in Washington state!!!!!😁😁

  5. the shoot drone was amazing, also the place, i see u from Mexico City.
    Of my country, "Luisito Comunica" is my favorite youtube channel, i recommend it to you.

  6. You can make it.. I have no right to say that because I'm not a vlogger.. But, you have the goods.. Just make it work.. Not for anybody else.. But for yourself.. Just kill it with what you got.. You can make it.. Watching out for more vids.. Congrats!! ^_^

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