Travel Brazil – The Carioca Way (Film Scholarship Winners 2012)

As winners of the 2012 World Nomads Travel Film Scholarship, Shriya Pilgaonkar (Presenter) and I (Eeshit Narain, Cameraman) jetset to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to film the Carnaval celebrations and to immerse ourselves in Brazilian culture.

Locals of Rio de Janeiro proudly call themselves ‘Cariocas’. For them, living in Rio is more than just having a great passion for Carnaval. While in town, we set out to discover what the Carioca spirit is all about and learn what it really means to be a Rio local.
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Looking for more info on Rio or Carnaval?

Get some local intel – If you have any questions about travelling to Rio, feel free to hit up our Ask A Nomad community here –

Concerned about safety in Brazil? – Check out our travel safety articles on how to stay safe when travelling to Brazil – and stay covered with our travel insurance –

Looking to book for local festivals and events? – Check out Be A Local – – they were great in getting us tickets to Carnaval.

Thinking about where to stay in Rio? – We had fantastic assistance from the crew at AirBnB – – who helped set us up with an excellent pad.

Looking to give back when you travel? – Check out International Volunteer HQ – – who have some great projects running on the ground in Brazil.

Video credits to World Nomads YouTube channel

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Travel Brazil – The Carioca Way (Film Scholarship Winners 2012)

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